Applying and getting approved for a mobile contract need not be hard. Even if you've been denied a number of times, don't give up just yet. By choosing the right partner to work with when getting a deal, you can definitely still cinch a contract despite the status of your credit rating.

Lapware, for instance, recognizes that each individual has a financial story to tell. We know that hard times come and such circumstances may have affected your credit rating. With that in mind, here are some tips you can follow to ensure that, this time around, your service provider won't turn you down.

1. Learn to Compromise

When looking for a contract deal with bad credit, you need to understand that service providers are only turning you down because of the risks involved. Logically, they wouldn't approve someone they deem incapable of paying up. For this reason, you have to be willing to compromise. That means settling the mobile option that you can afford.

If you've been dreaming to get the latest iPhone model, you may need to forego that option for now. Instead, what you need to do is compromise some features in order to increase your probability of getting approved.

2. Opt for Cheaper Deals

Major phone service providers may be getting richer by the day but they are still very cautious too. As much as possible they would like to deal with people that involved lower risks. Bad credit rating may put you in a loop but it doesn't have to be a huge problem if you opt for low risk and cheaper deals.

In other words, you may be better off getting a SIM only contract. You won't be getting a handset with the deal but at least your provider is more likely to approve your application.

For this option, you will need to buy your own phone. And making it easier for you are the following alternatives:

  1. Choose the Pay-As-You-Go Plan (PAYG)
  2. Get a SIM-free handset from your provider of choice
  3. Buy a second-hand phone from a mobile retailer

Choosing the SIM only option may not get you the latest mobile phone available today, but at least you are given a chance to revamp your poor credit rating. To get start, you can compare SIM only deals available in UK by checking this website right here.

3. Pay Up

Another helpful guide for new customers with bad credit to consider is to pay the upfront fee. If your bad credit rating has been hounding you and your goal to get a mobile contract, it's time to change strategies.

To lower the risks and get your provider to take a chance on you, offer to pay the upfront deposit. Some major networks allow this kind of set-up to accommodate customers with bad credit. This way, they will get a decent amount in the beginning of the contract reducing their risks of losing money in the process.

Luckily, as others have proven, this strategy has been the most effective if you want quick and easy approval for your contract deal.

Using the three strategies above, getting a contract deal even with bad credit shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Once approved, just remember to be religiously diligent with your monthly payments to improve your credit rating. As soon as your rating is back in good health, you should be able to apply for better contract deals with the handset of choice.

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