Getting free gifts for your mobile phone deal is just one part of the picture. Choosing the right contract or deal for your needs can be a tricky business if you don't have sufficient know-how. To make it simpler and easier, start with picking the most suitable type of tariff.

The three primary options available today are the following:

  1. SIM Only Contract
  2. Pay as you go (PAYG)
  3. Pay Monthly Contract

There is no one standard option that is best for everyone. The key to picking the best of the three will essentially depend on your needs and wants.

Sim Only Contracts

As the name of the deal suggests, Sim only means getting a new mobile Sim card but not a new phone. You can either buy your own or use your old phone to enjoy calls, texts and data usage that come with the Sim.

This type of deal is beneficial because it costs less than other deals. In typical fashion, you are only tied up for a month unlike regular monthly contracts. This option is also perfect for those with bad credit. Not only is Sim only cheaper but your provider is more likely to take a risk with you with this deal.

Pay as you go (PAYG)

Another option to consider is PAYG. As what the acronym stands for, it is pay as you go meaning paying for your mobile usage in advance. There is no fixed monthly income or direct debit agreement involved in this type of deal. Instead what you do is pay the mobile credit first then use it along the way. Once the credit is used up, you won't be able to send texts or make outgoing calls until the next top up.

PAYG is a great option if you are a light phone user. It also allows you to set your budget beforehand eliminating the danger of going beyond what you need or can afford.

Pay Monthly Contract

If your plan is to change your old phone and get a good deal on that latest iPhone, Nokia or Samsung model, the best option is the pay-monthly contract. Just like a traditional contract, it can be for 12, 18 or 24 months where you pay a fixed minimum amount per month. Normally, you need to sign a direct debit agreement in exchange for a new handset and a fix usage for calls, data and texts.

The pay-monthly option is ideal for heavy phone users. It is also excellent for those who want a high end phone but without the cash to pay the large upfront price.

Still unsure which tariff type suits you best? To help you decide, go check out for more useful guidelines about mobile phone deal shopping.

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